As a coveted and acclaimed design firm, Hughes Desines Inc. was founded in 2007 by Sandra Hughes, who built the company creating interiors for residential, corporate, and vacation properties. Specializing in interior architectural design, the firm has collaborated with a team of individuals, all of which are highly talented in executing our custom designs.

Our company's ability to blend inspiration, individuality and authenticity to the executed custom creations, are paramount to our success. Our strong desire to collaborate with clients, execute and deliver an intelligent sophisticated elegance is our primary focus.

We work confidently with trades that reflect our vision of expertise. Our philosophy is customer service. A term widely used, but few execute. With an extensive consortium of suppliers, and access to industry leaders, Hughes Desines Inc. can offer our clients an array of services. Our solid business principles, experience, innovation and sustainability are driving forces that define luxury, elegance and a desire to go beyond our customers' expectations. Why hire us... Our clients are very discerning and want only the best. We have many satisfied clients who have hired us for their design projects and we would be pleased to forward references based on our quality of service.