Floral Gallery



Who doesn't like flowers? Our company provides complete floral arrangements for any occasion. Not only do we provide custom floral arrangements, we also provide outstanding bouquets, outdoor baskets in the summer, fall and winter months. Our professionally designed pots for outdoor include a variety of greens, flowers and fillers for an outstanding outdoor showcase for added curb appeal. Call us today or fill out the form and we can provide you with a quote for all your floral requirements.


Landscape Design

Let's face it, we need plants. Plants and trees give off oxygen and allow us to become more connected with nature. Connecting with nature is a necessity for our well being. Landscape design is not about planting a few plants here and there. A professionally executed design plan is necessary to allow maximum use of space, decorative ambience and curb appeal. Placement, sun and foliage requirements are dependent upon which direction the house faces and the amount of sun each plant may require. Our professional landscape designers also provide options for outdoor furniture, fireplaces, pathway designations, lighting, pergolas, and water features. Allow us to show you what your yard can look like with a professionally executed design plan for you and your family to enjoy for many years. Call Hughes Desines Inc. for an estimate to make your dream yard a reality.